Atlanta 5×5:
Top Women Entrepreneurs & Role Models

By Amy Hyatt Fonseca
Susan Fonseca Lanham

We know what you’re wondering. What is the Atlanta 5X5?

Women@TheFrontier set out to identify and feature the 5 Top Female Role Models with 5 different Metro-Atlanta connections. Each of these women boasts an excellent track record in business and innovation as well as involvement serving as mentors for a new generation of women leaders.

To help us with this endeavor, we turned to Invest Atlanta and the City of Atlanta for their support. Together, we sifted through bios, accolades, and titles until we found them. They are the women reimagining the definition of success—leaders challenging the status quo and using their talents to give back to Atlanta.

Perhaps you know them, perhaps you don’t… yet! Each week in December, you’ll meet a new W@F Trailblazer. Through our interviews, we hope to introduce you to these 5 accomplished women whose ideas and initiatives are responsible for building Atlanta’s industry and infrastructure today…and in the future!


Amy Fonseca

Prior to catching the Women@TheFrontier bug, Amy was a research and clinical speech-language pathologist interested in the impact of technology on individuals with disabilities. Today, she is a wife, mom, lover of words, Co-Founder and Managing Editor for Women@TheFrontier.