Hispanic Heritage Month

To wrap up the end of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Women@TheFrontier studied the numbers. We looked at the stats behind Hispanic-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in the U.S. to celebrate the rise of women Pioneers and Game-Changers.

Women Warriors on Veterans Day

Our plan this Veterans Day was probably a lot like yours. While we wanted to create a couple of social media posts to thank veterans for their services, we also wanted to highlight the fierce women veterans changing our world. Lucky for us, our plans changed when we reached out to former aviators, Stacy Ross and Teri Poulton. Here’s how.

How to Embrace Diversity and Innovate

A diverse team is inclusive and welcoming of all, despite one’s background and ethnicity. It’s a team where members have varying sets of experiences, ideas, and passions. Find out how you can embrace diversity and innovate the future.

Women + Social Good: Trailblazers Who Want to Help You!

As we transition to a new month, Women@TheFrontier has chosen to start a discussion about social good and the incredible women bettering the world. These trailblazers are scaling up social good big time. They’re crushing stereotypes, inventing, innovating, and impacting millions of people. Now, they want to help you!

VR for Social Good

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting, exponentially-growing industries. Find out how women are using storytelling and VR to transform the way we interact with our world.

Game Changer 365

Leonardo da Vinci. Albert Einstein. Steve Jobs. If we asked you to name the three most exceptional thinkers and problem solvers, who would it be? We believe the answer should include women. Diverse pioneers and trailblazers in areas like robotics,

The End Game Changer 365

Share this Post The End…or Just the Beginning? Game-Changer 365 By Amy Hyatt Fonseca & Susan Fonseca Lanham It sounds like a fairy tale… A website where anyone can learn about diverse, innovative women transforming our world — past, present, and future. The Pioneers and Trailblazers in STEM who deserve a place in our history books, …

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