W@F’s Favorite Things 2013:
5 Gifts Created by 5 Women

Are you shopping for someone who already has everything?  Inspired by Oprah, we’ve found some of our “favorite things”- all created by women.

By Amy H. Fonseca, W@F CSO & Lead Blogger

It’s the 2013 Holiday Season and we’ve decided to create a list of our favorite things, but with one caveat- our favorite things are all created by women. So, get your holiday list ready because here are 5 gift ideas created by 5 incredible women:

Bow & Drape 3D-Printed Metal Accessories
Aubrie Pagano is CEO and founder of Bow & Drape, the fashion brand and online retailer that allows women to custom-build garments and accessories based on pre-made patterns. The company is now partnering with 3-D marketplace, Shapeways,  to launch a line of 3D printed metal accessories, including belt buckles and clutches with 3-D printed hardware. We can’t wait to see what other 3-D printed accessories make their debut in 2014!

Jerry the Bear
We talk about Jerry the Bear a lot at W@F, but that’s because we think he’s cute, cuddly, and a genius!  If you know a child with Type 1 diabetes, this is the perfect gift.  Jerry teaches children how to manage their blood glucose levels, recognize their symptoms, and maintain a healthy diet – all through play!  FGCHannah Chung, is co-founder and CCO of Sproutel, the company that created Jerry the Bear.

The Giving Keys
Want to inspire and empower someone?  Give them a key.  Caitlin Crosby came up with the idea of engraving old, used keys with inspirational words and making them into jewelry.  You wear the key until you decide to give it away to someone who needs to hear the same message. Not only are the Giving Keys inspiring people around the globe, but the company helps on a local level by hiring employees who are transitioning out of homelessness.

Okay, we know founder and CEO of GoldiBlox, Debbie Sterling, is experiencing a moment of controversy- but we still think GoldiBlox is a fantastic toy for girls.  Yes, we realize it’s not really “disrupting the pink aisle” because it’s pink, but it’s still a fun, creative toy that promotes storytelling and STEM for girls.

Tickets from Eventbrite
Still not sure what to get someone on your holiday list? We say give them the gift of experience through Eventbrite. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Eventbrite, it’s an online ticketing service that allows organizers to promote events and connects them with ticket buyers. And its co-founder and president, Julia Hartz, is a woman who is revolutionizing how we promote, sell, and buy tickets online.

Be brave. Be bold. Show up and share your knowledge with us.  We would like to hear from you!  Do you know of any gifts that we left off our list? Share it with us through our comments section, Facebook page or Twitter.